Area 3 Map

Area 3 Venturing
Serving Vermont, New York, and Northern Pennsylvania

Including these local Councils
Baden-Powell, Five Rivers, Greater Niagara Frontier,
Green Mountain,
Iroquois Trail,
Leatherstocking, Longhouse,
Seneca Waterways and Twin Rivers

Meet the Officers
Area 3 President: Nick Bober
Area 3 VP Administration: Matthew Krebs
Area 3 VP Program: Clare Collins
Area 3 VP Communication:
Nick Montgomery
Advisor: Eric Falkman
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Nick Bober, Northeast Region, Area 3 Venturing President.
I am from Seneca Waterways Council. I have been in scouting for the majority of my life. I have been active in my Local Venturing Crew and Boy Scout Troop. I have served on the Area 3 VOA for 3 years (including this year), my previous positions in scouting were VP of Administration and Communication. This coming year (2016-17), I will serve as the President of Area 3. I am currently a Junior at Bloomfield High School. I can not wait to get the entire Area actively involved with Venturing and having fun doing that.

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Area 3 Venturing Officers’ Association Goals
Mission Statement:
The mission of the Northeast Region Area 3 Venturing Officers Association is to help put together and organize the Councils of our Area by teaching and applying the Standard Operating Procedures, and create better channels of communication with each council so we can join together and become a stronger Area.

1. Help create Council Venturing Officer Associations within Councils in NER-A3
2. Increase Venturing communication between all our Councils

1. Select and incorporate three Area Vice Presidents into the Area Venturing Team, who are from other councils
2. Help the Council officers create goals that correspond with the Venturing goal: to help youth unite, take leadership roles, make friends, and have fun.

Created by Northeast Region Area 3 Venturing Officers Association
Contact Info: Eric Falkman, Advisor
Link to: Northeast Region Venturing. Link to: National Venturing Website.

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Resources and Links:
Click here for a letter regarding our Area 3 eVent in 2016.

Council and Local Events:
send your Council and Local info to our Advisor Eric Falkman
Training in Area 3
Venturing Leadership Award
National Venturing Site
Northeast Region Venturing Site
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Interested in working as a Venturer at the 2017 National Jamboree? Email for more information.

High Adventure
The BSA has information on it's 4 main High Adventure Bases available online.
Visit Waypoints
To get all the lates on the Summit,
Florida Sea Base, the Northern Tier's high adventure base; and information about traveling to Philmont.
2017 High Adventure Expedition
Camp Brul
e High Adventure Week
July 31-August 6, 2017
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and a registration flyer.
Join our Monthly
Phone Call:

Council VOA Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Advisors are invited along with anyone else interested. For call-in information, please contact Advisor: Eric Falkman.
Area 3 eVENT
the Venturing
Highland Games!

May 19-21, 2017, held at
Camp Schoellkopf in Cowlesville, NY.
Click here for more details.
Nicholas Montgomery, Northeast
Region, Area 3 Venturing Vice
President of Communications.

I am from Longhouse Council. I have
been in scouting since I was a Wolf
in Cub Scouts. I am a member of
Boy Scout Troop 37, VP of Program
for Venturing Crew 13 and
Boatswain for Sea Scout Ship 1. I
am also a Webelos Den Chief for
Cub Scout Pack 37, Elangomat Chair
for Lowanne Nimat Lodge (OA) and
Treasurer for the Council VOA. I
have attended NYLT, NAYLE
(Philmont), Powderhorn, LLD and
Kodiak Challenge. This is my first
year serving on the Area VOA and I
hope to do great things. My hobbies
include football, swimming, and any
shooting I can do. I am currently a
freshman at South Jefferson High
School. I plan to go into the military
after high school and plan to
become a Green Barret. I love the
Scouting program and I pretty much
live it.  
Clare Collins, Northeast
Region, Area 3 Venturing Vice President of Program.
I have been involved in Scouting for a very long time. My mom was my brother's Cub Scout leader so I given the opportunity to tag along with his pack. I was able to go camping, rock climbing, stick around for their meetings, and participate with all of their fun activities. I'm so thankful that I was able to be a part of the Cub Scouting experience with my
brother. It was one of the reasons
why I wanted to join Sea Scouts.
Becoming a Sea Scout has had such a positive impact on my life. I am always experiencing new things and I have encountered responsibilities that have helped me grow into the person I am today and will continue to help me throughout my life. I also enjoy the flexibility of the Venturing program to address my interests. Scouting is such an important part of my life and I wish everyone was given the opportunity to be a part
of it! 
Matthew Krebs, Northeast
Region, Area 3 Venturing Vice President of Program.
I am a Boy Scout, Venturer, and Sea Scout from Baden-Powell Council. Scouting has played a large part in my life ever since first grade. As you may see in my picture I am wearing the sea scout chambray. I use that as my main Venturing shirt. This is my first term in the VOA. So far I have enjoyed the journey that Venturing has taken me on and plan to do my best to help show others how fun and important Venturing is while in office.